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Sensatronics Lab

Sensatronic Lab is a project, run in association with Sense Scotland, which aims to make digital music accessible to all, run by a team of digital artists and musicians. Sensatronic Lab have established a way of working that includes building multi-sensory instruments that are inclusive, tactile and the technology is amazing because the potential to experiment is very equalising, imaginations can go wild, the senses are stimulated and inspired. We devise innovative ideas to create total access and independent control. We want everybody to be a part of this incredible open-source digital culture, there is a democratic, and punk ethos at the heart of Sensatronic Lab. We support bands of like-minded young people who love to play live and create their own music. We also run CPD training for musicians, artists, teachers and parents.

David McCluskey (Manager - Sensatronics Lab)

Famously part of one of Scotland’s greatest pop bands, The Bluebells, David McCluskey now manages the Sensatronic Lab Project. It is a group of digital artists and musicians based in Sense Scotland. we work with young people across Scotland, with outreach sessions and events from we present music in an accessible way, exploring, expression, music technology and digital creativity. The project receives funding from Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative, YMI. David regularly collaborats with other art forms and artists, including contemporary dancers, new media artists, performance artists, poets and film makers.

Later Event: November 14
Mi.Mu Gloves - Music Through Movement