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We're over the moon to welcome Ableton Certified Trainer Simon Stokes of Soma Records to direct our Ableton Live & Push workshop for us.

Petrichor is derived from the Greek words 'petros', meaning stone and 'ichor' - the ethereal fluid that flows through the veins of immortal beings. In modern culture, it refers to the sweet smell that fills the air when it rains after a period of dryness, something which evokes the memories of childhood summers for Glasgow based techno producer Simon Stokes. It is the nostalgia for times gone by that fuels the production of the Petrichor project.

Launched in 2013 on Soma Records, the music of Petrichor is embodied by warm, evolving sounds, rich melodies, field recordings and rhythmical wonder. By moving back to his hardware roots Stokes adopts a retrospective approach to the recording and production of this project. Utilising an array of analogue and digital synthesisers, drum machines, tape echoes and intriguing effects, a sound that is not only warm and innovative, but also familiar and classic is born.

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