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Electronic Music Production

The “EMP” session will focus on the tools and techniques commonly used in live electronic music. You will see how we construct electronic music using software and hardware synthesis to create a performance. Led by SAE’s audio production leader Orvar Thorvaldsson, this session will include live instrumentation, utilising industry-standard software such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro X, exploration of beat making, sound design, mixing & mastering, and arrangement.

Orvar Thorvaldsson - Audio Production Lecturer


Starting out as an electronic musician in the late 90’s, Orvar started producing and engineering audio in 2008 while undertaking the Audio Diploma course at SAE Glasgow, which subsequently led him onto the SAE Audio Production Degree course in 2010.

After finishing his degree and freelancing for some time, Orvar returned to SAE in late 2012, taking up the position of Lead Audio Supervisor. Orvar then became an Audio lecturer in 2015.

His teaching currently focuses on Studio Production, Visual Programming and Electronic Music, as well as covering aspects of Game Sound and various short courses.

Orvar has an MA in Higher Education, in which he researched Gamification approaches in education. Orvar also holds a BSc in Audio Production. He continues to produce independent artists along with his electronic music production and regularly collaborates with producers and artists from across Northern Europe and Scandinavia, often working on vocal and instrument recordings.

Michael Leslie is working towards being a Songwriter/Producer and currently studying at SAE Institute. Worked with acts including Concrete Boots, Kate Harris and Rigid Soul, as well as self-producing my own material. Enjoys works of all genres from all walks of life, always looking forward to the next big challenge.

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