Pete Kelly Sync Award Winner

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Pete Kelly has a had an action packed week winning multiple awards at the latest Music Week Sync Awards 2017 held in London hosted by BBC Radio 6 DJ Shaun Keaveny. The awards were attended by publishers and record labels sync teams galore with the night including a total of 24 categories. 

Pete Kelly's well deserved awards include: Music Supervisor -TV, Broadcaster Music Department- BT Sport and Best Sync- TV Show (Sport). 

We are very proud to advertise that Pete Kelly will be featured on our, 'What You Syncing' panel from 2:30- 3:30pm on the 16th of November. 

What does a supervisors day usually consist of?

We show a wide variety of sports at BT Sport and with that comes a large amount of music use. Whether for rights or creative reasons, producers must run the final music choice via the music team before heading into their edit. This oversight of all music use enables us to create a strong musical identity for the channel. So a normal day will usually include numerous searches for both promos and in-programme spots across various sports (footy, rugby, Moto GP, cricket and so on).

As well as the day-to-day supervision, there’s a lot of bespoke work. I’m often working with composers or commissioning artists to write music for our productions. We’ve had British Sea Power compose a suite of music for our Champions League coverage, Throwing Snow do the same for our Europa League coverage and Everything Everything writing an original song (‘I Believe It Now’) for our Premier League theme tune. For this season’s Premier League theme tune we commissioned Vessels & Lowly to create a new version of ‘I Believe It Now’. I also look after any audio branding and idents you hear on the channel.

I will often be pitching ideas for working with artists. There have been some successful projects in recent months with Loyle Carner leading our Champions League Final coverage, Big Narstie promoting UFC 205Avelino kicking off the Europa League Final and Peter Broderick in the European Rugby Final.

What are you currently listening to?

This great little link ( gives you a look at your Spotify data. It’s telling me my most listened to artists at the moment are Kevin Morby, Makola, Kamasi Washington, Angel Olsen, Rival Consoles and Kadhja Bonet.

3) Is there a particular type of music you favour or is it all dependent on the brief?  

For me the aim is to create something original, steering away from using anything that’s been used before, in a film or on an advert for example. We want to create new associations between great music and BT Sport. Sporting drama for me doesn’t really mean building percussion and strings. We can achieve equally effective and emotive music pieces through using exciting new music, whether that’s indie, electronic, hip hop, pop or anything else.

When you were younger is this what you thought you would be doing? 

Music has always been the key thing in my life. I’ve played piano since I was 5 and went on to do a music degree. I had no idea there was such a thing as a music supervisor for a sports channel but I’m very glad to have found myself here. When I was at university, I got the idea of doing my dissertation on how music affects the perception of visuals. As well as being a topic I found interesting, I used it as a way to interview and meet as many people within this industry as possible.

What do you feel the benefits are of taking part in Music conferences? 

The music industry can feel quite opaque at times so to be able to bring a whole load of experts together to gain an insight into each of the different sectors is a very helpful thing.

Top three tracks in your opinion.

Well, this is one of those questions no one can ever really answer so I’m going to let that website do the talking for me again. It’s telling me my most listened to songs since I started using Spotify are Copenhagen by Scott Walker, 3 Chords by Rival Consoles and Beautiful Strangers by Kevin Morby.

Susan Montgomery