A Chat with Ant Thomaz - Resonate Live


We had a chat with a singer-songwriter and frontman of Dopesickfly, Ant Thomaz, who’s performing his new solo material at the Resonate Live evening show!

We asked Ant about his new solo project co-written with the 80s pop legend Bobby Bluebell and Chris Gordon. Here’s what he told us:


What first encouraged you to take up this project?

I love writing and singing and I am always searching for new people to collaborate with. Bob Bluebell and I chatted at a publishing event and we hit it off, he seemed keen to work with me so I said ok, Lets do it!

So he sent a track the next day that him and Chris (Gordon) had worked on and I returned the track the following day with my part.

Both Chris and Bob enjoyed the track and the speed that I worked at so they invited me to the studio... We realised we were all looking to get into another project so we decided to try another track and it just unfolded from there.  


What is it like to write with others? 

It's inspiring, especially watching the pieces come together with different minds.


Can you describe your project in three words? 

No, then it gets stuck in that rutt! 


What is your new material about? 

Love, relatable love, how we are all the same.


How do you find inspiration?

By being a great listener.


Is there anything you avoid when writing? 



Are any of the tracks influenced by the 80s sound from Bobby Bluebell? 

I would say Bob brings his quirky influences, which at this point stems from years of listening and writing music. So listen in and you will hear it!


Do you prefer to make solo material or band material?

I love both equally, two different lanes!

Susan Montgomery