Rachael Brown Leader Within The Creative and Social Sector

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Rachael Brown works incredibly hard for Cultural Enterprise to support creative entrepreneurs and social enterprises to help those develop their businesses and has recently been shortlisted in the Rising Star Category in the Entrepreneur of the year awards.

These awards celebrate entrepreneurship in Scotland in 2017. Fields include; Technology, Life Sciences, Hospitality, Airports as well as private and public sectors and organisations large and small. 

Rachael has been quoted to say that this award, 'Just shows Social impact & Creativity is a reciepe for growth and doing it differently.' 

The cultural enterprise office has also recently just moved to the Barrowlands and is a welcome edition to the BAad Family. 

What does a day in the life of a Cultural Enterprise Worker consist of? 

There is no typical day at CEO we are here to support the Creative Industries to succed so that can mean directly talking with creatives and people who run creative businesses, it can also mean talking to investors, policy makers and international companies. CEO is the only office of its type in Europe, so we get all kinds of requests. We deal with all creative industry forms and we support business model of choice, so that means we have to be flexible and resourceful.

How did you first get into this career line? 

I have always worked in the creative industries and social enterprise space. I am truly believe in the transformational nature of the arts. I have done lots of jobs and worked in lots of varied environments that have led me to CEO.

How do you feel to be nominated for this award? I wasn’t aware that I was nominated so I was genuinely taken aback. Having a light shone on the creative industries sector through this nomination is amazing, I am really excited about that.

We can't wait to welcome Rachael onto our 'Developing The Infrastructure of Scotland's Music Industry' this Thursday. 

Susan Montgomery