BPI - Partner Spotlight


We’re incredibly lucky to have the support from a number of amazing partners and sponsors for this year’s upcoming Resonate. None more so that BPI. The British Phonographic Industry, led by Chris Tams and his wonderful team, will once again be featuring at Resonate.

2017 saw BPI support Resonate in it’s inaugural year and host workshops throughout the day. Already this year, BPI have shown their support with our Resonate Launch Party where they drafted in Music Ally and all round general genius Wesley A’Harrah, who conducted in depth, insightful presentations on Future Trends and Streaming Marketing.

BPI’s presence in the UK’s music scene is one of towering importance. They care about the music community. The whole music community. As a trade body, BPI champion the interests of their membership which includes more than 400 independent music companies and the UK’s major record companies – Universal Music UK, Sony Music UK, and Warner Music UK. Together, BPI’s members account for 85% of all music sold in the United Kingdom.

BPI organises The annual BRIT Awards with Mastercard show, The Hyundai Mercury Prize for 'Album of the Year' and the Classic BRIT Awards show.

BPI co-owns The Official Charts in a joint venture with the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). The Official Charts is responsible for the commissioning, distribution, marketing and promotion of the UK’s industry standard music and video charts and sales data.


The BPI offer a tremendous amount of educational, networking and business building opportunities through their membership programme. There are numerous online seminars & workshops which are led by work leading music industry professionals and are available to members. In addition, being a BPI member enables YOU to engage in international opportunities, learn about copyright protection, industry networking opportunities, market information and SO MUCH MORE!

Check out how you can become a BPI member today here

Susan Montgomery