SoundSense X Resonate Launch Party


We’re over the moon to be working with Soundsense. An incredible organisation who are pioneering in music technology, sound design and audio/visual experience. We’ll be welcoming the Soundsense team to our Resonate Launch Party on Friday 21st September.


The hypothesis for this; The gamification of learning experiences enabled by new technologies will, through collaboration, shape the future of live events.

We have support for this from the Centre for the Study of the Senses, University of London, and Attitude is Everything -

The size and shape of the venue directly effects the sound quality the audience receive, so we're offering people the opportunity to experience something different, without impacting the choices and needs of others.

We'll be provide an integrated system, with a 3D audio mix, Stereo Audio Mix and Mono Mix of the bands performance and a tactile audio system mounted on an 8' x 4" platform at the FOH position.

The sub in the room will provide a degree of physical connection to the music, the tactile platform is designed to show an alternative, more user defined, experience.

We'll bring headphones so people in the audience can grab a set and try the different experiences and walk around during the show and choose between settings throughout the evening.

Putting this system in provides accessibility for people with hearing impairments and from the D/deaf community and offers everyone the following options to try on the evening.

The mono audio channel ensure information is received equally at both ears and will feature vocals mixed louder to assist speech and language cognition.

What we're proposing is people will have exactly the same visual experience, a choice of audio experiences, just like they have a choice of food and drink.

We’re super buzzing to welcome SoundSense to The Argyle Street Arches on Friday 21st September for our Resonate Launch Party. Kick off 4pm.

Tickets -

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Susan Montgomery