Jesper Skibsby - WARM

We’re excited to welcome WARM founder Jesper to Glasgow this winter. He’s be joining us all the way from Copenhagen, so make sure you say hello!

Jesper Skibsby is the CEO & founder of WARM - the world's first large-scale radio monitoring service focusing on the individuals in the music industry. The vision behind WARM is to make detailed music data available to everyone, especially the long tail.

Jesper is also a board member of DUP (association for independent record labels in Denmark). Previously, Jesper has represented MusicDNA as Scandinavian sales agent. Prior to IT, Jesper has worked in the music industry for 6 years - establishing companies like Fandango Music Management, We Make Noise (label services) and Kassiopeia Kollektive (record label).

WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) is a new digital service that allows you to track and monitor music played on the radio all around the world and in real-time. WARM's purpose is to give true transparency to artists/bands, DJs, managers, record labels, PR agencies, and promoters by monitoring an impressive collection of +25.000 radio stations in more than 130 countries.

As of today, the website and app provides several features including accurate real-time data, detailed downloadable reports, clear geographical maps displaying gathered info on radio airplay. The new award-winning tool brings the promise of democratizing the way data on radio plays has been handled so far. It has already recieved lots of attention including feature articles in Forbes, MusicAlly and mentions in Buzzfeed, Mixmag and more.

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Susan Montgomery