Mango Lassie

Welcome to Resonate’s Artist of the Week. We are kicking off 2019 with an amazing singer songwriter Amy Bowman also known as Mango Lassie. Hailing from Doune, Mango Lassie first sparked our interest at Gathering Southside Sessions (a new flat-gig series focused in Glasgow’s South-Side, hosting the finest of unknown folky singer-songwriters and rising bands). Performing her track ‘Lemon & Lime’, Mango Lassie cast a spell over the room with simply the magic of her voice and a ukulele.

Her incredibly descriptive lyrical content and sweet tones transported us all to a place far away with tropical, happy, free feeling vibes. A true testament to her talent was upon scanning the room, 90% of eyes were closed, bobbing along, swaying and truly getting lost in music. It was a real special moment. You can check out that video right here!

I was infatuated. With just one performance, Mango Lassie proved herself an undoubtedly a gifted musician, songwriter, vocalist and all round general good lass.


‘Peppermint Tea’ is another astonishing example of Mango Lassie’s songwriting prowess. You can check out the full song here and story behind the track here. The message is something that we as a society are all subject to sometimes. I urge you, if you do one thing today, listen to this track.

‘breathe darling just breathe

I am here, i’ll make you a cup of peppermint tea’

Make sure you follow Mango Lassie on Facebook and keep an eye out for opportunities to catch this incredibly exciting artist in 2019.

Susan Montgomery