We caught up with Amy Lou ahead of her sure to be stomping performance at Resonate Live - The Dam

Amy Lou, how would you describe your music to new listeners?

Indie glam rock caked in glitter with a wee Scottish kick in the arse on the side

What’s the one message you want an audience to take home with them after seeing you live?

As a person and as an artist I’m all about being authentic to who you are and to take no compromises - I think this really comes across in my music especially live - I hope folk walk away empowered!

Who’s your biggest musical influences? If you had to tag team and collaborate with one artist, dead or alive, who’d that be?

I am massively influenced by Kate Bush , I grew up with a grandad and dad who were both massively obsessed with her! 10 year old Amy Lou was belting out “its me yer cathieeee , I’ve come home” for ages! I just think she’s so fantastic. Also by a band locally from Dunfermline called “Big Country” as an artist from Fife - bands like Big Country and The Skids are part of my heritage.

You’re from the ‘musically historic town of Dumferline’, what’s your top tourist tips for those who’re thinking about visiting the area?

The dear old toon ❤️ , there’s loads of really cool places - I would recommend having a wee drink in The Creepy Wee Pub probably the coolest pub this side of Fife , sample some of the finest tunes in the fine venue that is PJ Molloys - and for good measure The Old Inn for a fab wee burger ... also go to the glen as every Dunfermline band ever has had a press shot in the park!

We noticed you’re a fan of the Bru - how would you describe it to someone who’s never tasted it before?

Fan is definitely an understatement, there was a while I was tweeting Irn Bru everyday for some sweet freebies , Irn Bru is God’s gift to Earth it tastes like William Wallace taking on the battle of Stirling Bridge ending in triumph , going into your wee granny’s house when you’re skiving school with a slight bubble gum after taste.

You’re taking to the stage at the new Amsterdam Bar in Glasgow as part of the Resonate Live Series, how you feeling about the show? What can the crowd expect?

I think it’s going to be all types of sweaty Betty! I’ve heard it’s really intimate and I’m dead excited for it! Again expect a lot of guitar heavy glittery madness ... and again a LOT of sweat


Susan Montgomery