Introducing: Kiran Patel (A&G Syncs)

Kiran Patel || Head of Creative Sync || A&G Sync

Kiran heads up the creative team at A&G Sync, an award-winning, international sync agent. A&G seek high profile, global sync deals on behalf of a broad range of clients including independent labels (Dirty Hit, Luaka Bop, Bitbird, I Oh You) and management companies (Rocket Mgmt, First Access, SB Mgmt) from their offices at Tileyard Studios, London.

Recent credits include work for Toyota, Google and Samsung; shows such as Killing Eve, Post, 13 Reasons Why, Grey’s Anatomy, Hanna; trailer spots for Netflix, HBO, Universal, Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures, as well as contributing to the soundtracks for Playstation’s God of War and Netflix’s The Last Kingdom with A&G artist, Eivør.

Kiran will be joining Sian Rogers, Pam Lewis-Rudden and Scott Fair on our panel ‘Why Do You Need A Sync Agent’ - At every conference, attendees often wonder how to get their music into the ears of music supervisors… We welcome a panel of trusted gatekeepers - sync agents. Listen to this incredible panel who’ve worked with the world’s biggest clients inc. Stranger Things, Blackish, Audi, Samsung & Amazon Prime, and take note of their pointers to prepare your music for the ears of sync agents and supervisors. Tagging, metadata, social media presence, contact and more!

Susan Montgomery