Bonnie Reilly - VICE

We’re super excited to be welcoming 5 fantastic music supervisors up to Resonate for our ‘What You Syncing 2.0? panel including the amazing Bonnie Reilly.

Ever since graduating at university I have pursued a career in the music industry, music having always been my number one passion.

Since September 2016 I have been working at Vice in the UK as a music supervisor working on various platforms within Vice: the TV channel Viceland, i-D, Vice Studios, Virtue the branded platform, Noisey and digital, not just for the UK office but for all EMEA territories.

Never a dull moment at Vice, the content is very refreshing and it’s great to work with such a variety of artists and music from all around the world.

Having previously worked at Big Sync Music, where we primarily worked with Unilever brands and advertisements, it has offered me experience in many different areas of the industry as well as film, publishing and working on the label side.

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Susan Montgomery