Ciara Elwis - Air Edel

Ciara joined the Air-Edel music team three years ago and was quickly inducted into the world of sync, working with music supervisor Matt Biffa on projects such as Netflix's 'Lovesick'. She works across both creative and sync licensing, with TV and film credits that span a wide variety of musical genres – from the eclectic score of Sally Potter's 'The Party' to Netflix's doo-wop heavy 'The End of the Fucking World', to Channel 4's 90s banger-centric 'Derry Girls'.

Upcoming projects include Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s comedy 'Slaughterhouse Rulez' and ‘Ibiza: the silent movie’, the latest feature from documentary-making heavyweight Julien Temple, with music direction by Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim). Prior to Air-Edel, Ciara studied music at Edinburgh University, where she also worked as a brand manager for Spotify.

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Susan Montgomery