Katie Scott - Sofar Sounds

Ahead of our Meet The Media session at this year’s Resonate, we caught up with Sofar Sounds’ Katie Scott. Check out our blether below!

- Sofar Sounds is a global brand, how important do you think intimate, Sofar gigs are for both emerging and established artists?

I think that our intimate gigs are a great way for emerging artists to build up their audience and get confident with their stage presence. As our lineups are secret, people turn up not knowing who is going to be playing for them that evening. This way hopefully, you walk away with at least one of the acts being your new favourite!

As for established artists, our gigs are special for the audience as its so rare to catch someone who would be usually playing sold out venues, in somebody’s living room. In these instances, the audience gets a chance to hear stripped back versions of songs they might already know very well. I feel like this creates a deeper connection between artist and audience.  

If you had to, really really had to, pick out one performance which has been a highlight for you personally, what would it be?

Every show is so different and special in its own way. However, the first show that I was a part of organising has got to be a favourite of mine. We had CRPNTR, Flew the Arrow and Northern Central performing in the west end cafe Offshore. I had been a fan of Sofar Sounds for a while before I began working with them and hadn’t managed to attend a show so the whole experience was exciting. Knowing that we give a new audience that excitement every time is what makes Sofar so great. 

You’re participating in our ‘Meet The Media’ drop in at this year’s Resonate, will you be looking for potential artist to get involved in Sofar? Potential team members to add to the Sofar Glasgow squad?

Of course! We are always on the lookout for new artists to play shows. At the moment we are running between two and three shows a month so we are constantly keeping our eyes open! We are also looking for venues to host these shows so I’ll be interested in hearing from people who want to host in their house/cool workspaces etc. For people not attending Resonate, contact glasgow@sofarsounds.com if you want to play/host a show.

What can you tell us about Sofar Sound Glasgow biggest event to date happening on November 7th? How can people get involved?

We are so excited to be hosting our biggest event yet. Although I can’t yet announce the lineup or the venue, I can tell you that it is in partnership with Wester Spirit Co. We are really looking forward to this show and attendees should be too as there will be a free drink on arrival courtesy of Wester Spirit. The ticket link is open for anyone who would like to attend and if you have never been to a Sofar show before, I recommend you give this one a go! Sign up for tickets at https://www.sofarsounds.com/cities/glasgow/events/20977

Susan Montgomery