Introducing - Many Studios

This year, we are proud to be adding a secondary venue to our Resonate programming. Set neatly within the Barras, Many Studios will provide the perfect setting for our other new addition - Tech Hub.

Unveiled in 2014, Many Studios provides a wide range of flexible and bright working spaces to meets the needs of Glasgow’s creative industries.

This November, it will play host to Resonate’s tech hub. A full day of activities including ; Recording On A Budget, Electronic Music Production, Accessibility and Live Mixdown, The Songwriting & GMSN! Modular Synthesis. This superb space will be taken over on 15th November and will be an array of practical, interactive activities for Resonate delegates.


Many Studios is home to over 60 members, and hosts 32 unique studio spaces, 6 freelance desks, two creative shop units, event and meeting space. Nestled right in the heart of Glasgow’s famous Barra’s Market, the creative hub is part of a huge project to regenerate the East End. One of Many Studios main projects is The Gallow Gate and is curated by Natalia Palombo. It provides a platform for the development, presentation, and discussion of contemporary visual art and culture. Projects consider access to creative and cultural activity, expectations within arts practice and the misrepresentation of non-western cultures in the UK.

Since opening in March 2016, The Gallow Gate has experimented with methodology by introducing play and participation to the programme to build accessibility to creative practice with our local context. The programme has been designed to challenge what people expect from creative practice, and to try to break down barriers of access and elitism within the sector.

Between 2016 - 2018 The Gallow Gate has engaged 35 artists from Scotland, England, Peru, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, Pakistan, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, India, The Gambia and Iran.

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Susan Montgomery