Lee Morrison - Brighton Music Conference

Ahead of his trip up to sunny Scotland, we caught up with BMC’s Professional Conference Programmer, Lee Morrison.

BMC is the UK’s leading and foremost electronic music conference, what do you think it is that sets it aside as a must attend event for music industry professionals and practitioners?

- BMC caters for both industry professionals and the next generation, it’s amazing to bring people together in one place, because of how we schedule the event the venues are never too far apart and the talks always wide enough ranging to suit everyone. Some conferences can be so big you can miss loads of stuff but due to us being in Brighton with everything condensed to one main area it’s easy to get maximum participation in almost everything.

If you had to choose ONE collaboration, workshop, panel, debate that has stood out for you in BMC’s 5 year history, what would it be?

- This is a tough one, we have broached many subjects over the years but I think Irvine Welsh speaking last year was a highlight alongside the launch of the WDMC (Women In Dance Music Collective). It’s always good to be able to be involved in something that hopefully makes a difference to the industry we all love.

At BMC, you’re the professional conference programmer - what are the key factors you take into considerations when programming the event?

- We listen to the people that attend the event and work with an amazing board of advisors to ensure we give the best possible talks, we also work very hard on ensuring a diverse range of speakers something a lot of conferences tend to not take into account. 

What’s your thoughts on Scotland’s rich electronic music history and current electronic scene? 

- Having moved south from Cumbria in 1989 I am not massively on the scene in Scotland so to speak, that said there has and continues to be some excellent music, DJ’s and artists that come from Scotland, the parties are renowned, I think it’s the same wherever you go, the dance music community is always one that needs to be embraced and applauded, over 30 years in and still going strong :)

You’re off to Amsterdam Dance Event this week, how do you rate the importance of attending conference events both large and small scale? What are looking our for at ADE this week?

- I think it’s important to be seen at these events, being totally honesty though ADE is now so big it’s difficult to fit everything in, there is about 10 events I want to be at this Thursday and probably another 40 that I could be at. That said everyone goes and it’s an ideal place to meet up with people you don’t see all year otherwise especially international colleagues and friends. I am not really on the look out for anything this week I will just see what it throws up, I used to plan back to back meetings for the whole thing but in recent years I much prefer to just take it as it comes and bump into many people I know and hang out.

What you most looking forward to doing/seeing at our Resonate conference on Thursday 15th November?

- Meeting some new people, seeing some old mates, drinking beer, learning some stuff and having a laugh… Not looking forward to the hangover I will have coming back down south though… :)

Susan Montgomery