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In the heart of Glasgow’s booming east end, the next big soulful sensation has emerged; the stunning voice of Joesef. A sound completely from another age, Joesef makes music that will stop you in your tracks like the first time you heard the timeless voice of Amy Winehouse. Motown grooves, hip hop beats and jazz guitar make this young man completely impossible to pigeonhole but with such an attention-grabbing voice it’s really not important to label such honest and beautifully crafted music.

Stream/purchase Joesef’s new song ‘Limbo’ here:

“‘Limbo’ is part of a collection of tunes I wrote in the midst of my first breakup,” says Joesef of the song. “I kinda went off the rails when it ended and my head was up my arse for quite a while. So this was me trying to process the situation we were in, separated, but still together all the time shagging and talking. ‘Limbo’ is the grey area in-between being in love, and not being able to let it go.”

Catch Joesef in King Tuts on 2nd March with Support from Conor Heafey and Who’s Olivia?.

Susan Montgomery