Half Formed Things

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FFO: The Twilight Sad, Kate Bush, Radiohead

Half Formed Things are an experimental pop four piece, casting cinematic grandiosity against the backdrop of Edinburgh’s gothic cityscape.


Last month Half Formed Things released their debut album ‘To Live in the Flicker’ which has an eclectic mixture of songs and to say the least, it’s pretty epic. From start to end, the album is mesmerising with tight intricate drums, deep harmonies and emotionally gripping build ups, delicately hypnotising your ears. Half Formed things have managed to create a huge sound, like if Kate Bush and Radiohead made an album kinda huge.

‘The album opens and closes with the peal of church bells, and the songs in-between each tell their own tales, like chapters in a book…with each song working individually but coming together to create an even greater whole’ .

We recently caught their set at Flying Moon Arts festival and they are a band you MUST see live this year. Their show was very impressive and technical with each member passionately pouring all their energy into it their performance. You won’t know where to look there’s so much going on.

Check out their debut album ‘To Live in the Flicker’ on Spotify.

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Susan Montgomery