This week’s Resonate Artist of The Week comes in the form of Watgood. Edinburgh based producer with outer worldly sounds incorporating drum & bass and trap beats. It’s loud, it’s bold, it’s phenomenal.

The Edinburgh born producer is supported by Dim Mak Records, a label founded by Godfather of EDM/Hip Hop - Steve Aoki. Watgood has also seen his music supported by labels including Tisoki, Twonk and Night Owl Collective. There’s a delicateness to Watgood’s work - incorporating vocals, often female - lift the commonly dark D&B themes. Tracks like ‘How About It’ are fun, vibrant, reminiscent of 90s club culture but with a modern twist.

Watgood’s exceptional production skill is displayed in most recent release ‘Porcelain’ out on Los Angeles label Dim Mak. The track is a fine demonstration of developing several styles within one piece of music. The commercial female vocal carries listeners through a hip hop intro and BAM! we drop sharply into zippy D&B trap beat, bold electronica catching the syncopated rhythms. It’s a wondrous piece.

You can check out ALL of Watgood’s releases right ere’. Our advice, keep your eye on this one!

For fans of; Sumthin Sumthin, Steve Aoki, Hydraulix


Check em out.

Susan Montgomery