Introducing: Adam Stark (Mi.Mu Gloves)

Adam Stark // Managing Director // Mi.Mu Gloves

Adam Stark is a computer scientist, researcher and musician based in London. He’s currently the Managing Director of MI·MU, a company dedicated to placing human expression at the heart of music technology and has overseen the development of the MI·MU Gloves the world’s most advanced wearable musical instrument, for expressive creation, composition and performance. MI·MU Gloves are now used by a community musicians worldwide, ranging from pop star Ariana Grande to beatboxers, classical pianists, film composers and visual artists. Adam is one of the key developers of the software behind the MI·MU Gloves - wireless, wearable,gestural musical instruments & controllers. The software is a full cross-platform desktop application for the composition and performance of music using gestures.

In this session, MI.MU's Adam Stark will give an overview of the technology, how it works and how artists are using it in different ways across the world. The session will also include a live demonstration of the gloves.

Susan Montgomery