Introducing: Anders Rigg (The Sound System Project)

Anders Rigg // The Sound System Project // Samson Sounds

Anders is a multidisciplinary artist, he uses a combination Ableton live and live percussion to create music for dance and movement.  His enthusiasm and diverse experience of production, percussion and performance lends itself to working with any group of people, young or old.

Performing in both live music groups and outdoor theatre productions Anders tours across the UK extensively. His primary live musical focus, Samson Sounds, is a fusion of different cultures and grooves from across the world.

Within the sessions Anders heads up the creation of beats using Ableton live and live instrumentation. He draws on the world around us through objects and sounds to create a space where the musical mind can develop freely.

Anders will be leading a workshop on The Sound System Project which is a youth based community building project that uses the medium of electronic music and speaker building to create a sense of belonging, teamwork and most importantly how to have fun with music. The project currently works with varied groups of young people many who have had, or have no access to music or have been told that "they can't play music".  Through our teaching methods we aim to break down the idea that only some people can make music, opening the floor to everyone to enjoy.

The Sound System Project would like to invite people to come and experience a small part of what we do. This Introductory presentation will show people an overview of our typical course, explain some of our teaching methods and create a space for group participation.


Susan Montgomery