Introducing: Pam Lewis-Rudden (Plutonic Group Syncs)

Pam Lewis Rudden // Plutonic Group Syncs // Sync Licensing Specialist

~ Pam Lewis-Rudden, an immensely driven music executive with 30+ years of music industry at major and indie U.S. labels, RCA, MCA and Uptown Records, In 2012, she founded Plutonic Group Syncs, a London-based boutique sync licensing agency, representing artists and vintage music catalogues. As creative music consultants, PGS works with a select global network of publishers and labels to deliver the best music for placement in Television, Film, Advertising and Promos/Trailers. 

Innovation, creativity and skill go into each project – our focus being on finding the perfect soundtrack for every scene.

Placements include Netflix series ‘Stanger Things’, ‘Dark’ and ‘Flaked, US TV projects ‘Black-Ish’ (ABC), ‘The Resident’ (FOX), and ‘Rise’ (NBC) with UK indie film project, ‘Kissing Candice’.

Pam will be charing our panel ‘Why Do You Need A Sync Agent?’. At every conference, attendees often wonder how to get their music into the ears of music supervisors… We welcome a panel of trusted gatekeepers - sync agents. Listen to this incredible panel who’ve worked with the world’s biggest clients inc. Stranger Things, Blackish, Audi, Samsung & Amazon Prime, and take note of their pointers to prepare your music for the ears of sync agents and supervisors. Tagging, metadata, social media presence, contact and more!

Susan Montgomery