Introducing: Jake Manley (Void Acoustics)

Jake Manley || Director of UK Sales || Void Acoustics

Jake Manley is the UK sales manager for Void Acoustics - an advanced professional audio system company who specialise in live-sound sectors. The company offers an evolved series of audio solutions that encompass loudspeaker systems, power amplifiers, control electronics and accessories. Jake completed his degree is Music Technology and attained a bachelor's degree from the University of West London.

Void Acoustics makes it possible to hear, feel, and connect through unforgettable, immersive sound. Founded in 2002, Void is known globally for sonic and visual innovation, designing, manufacturing and distributing advanced professional audio systems for both the installed and live sound market sectors. Void’s commitment to R&D is second to none, with highly skilled, experienced engineers successfully combining pioneering technologies with groundbreaking design aesthetics. 

Music producers and musicians are invited to join Jake Manley, Void’s UK Sales Account Manager, to hear  their own tracks played for a 30-minute session during workshops held at Resonate Music Conference. This is an ideal opportunity for artists to explore how their tracks sound when played on a premium Void club system.

Susan Montgomery