Introducing: Holly Calder (Freakender)

Holly Calder || Co-Founder || Freakender

Holly Calder runs Freakender in Glasgow alongside Ian Crawford and Ross Keppie.  After years working in music, starting as an assistant promoter at Barfly and then repping and booking for Regular Music, she took a break from working with live music for a couple of years, working back in her family business and just running clubs and DJing while doing so.  A few years ago Holly began working with Ian (El Rancho Records) again, putting on shows for bands who weren't coming to Scotland, and quickly joined forces with Ross to launch Freakender, the festival.

Speaking on the first Freakender experience Holly said:

“Putting together the first festival together was such a great experience, we decided to work on all of our shows together, and Freakender as its become was truly born.  It's a collective where we all book bands, we rep shows together, all hands on deck so to speak.  Freakender is something I'm exceptionally proud of, we work out of passion and only work with acts we truly believe in. I think we've brought some exceptional bands to the city for the first time. “

Holly will be taking part in our ‘Route To Festival Stages’ session which will be taking place at Creative East End.

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Susan Montgomery